DB Super Brands Architectural Product of the Year awards was the pioneer vision of Designer Publications Kerala Pvt Ltd to recognize and commemorate quality designed products across the building industry and acknowledge the significance and relevance of how thoughtful design solutions could revolutionize lives. 

The award for the brands which has won the coveted title ‘Architecture Product of the Year’ for the year 2019 will be presented to the recipients in a colorful gala on Saturday 21st December 2019, 6 pm at Taj Gateway, Kochi.

This year’s winners are:-

  1. CERA (winner in 3 categories)
  2. Saint Gobain
  3. Shero Ply
  4. Watertec, and
  5. Sunblaze 

The logo of DB Super Brands awards for the year 2019 was released officially in July by Honorable Union Minister Shri. Nitin Gadkari in New Delhi.  

The winners were selected by the common man as well as professionals from the field of architecture and design through online and offline voting systems thus also giving the general public, an opportunity to voice their opinion and pinpoint the brands which provide the best of products and services within the industry, to propagate the concept of quality.

It empowered the common man to voice their opinion to pick the brand of their choice, based upon their own experience of Quality, Service, and Durability, etc. 

The Gallup poll comprised various categories and was online through a dedicated website www.dbsuperbrands.com and offline through many magazines and dedicated dealer networks.

The duration of the voting was three months. The voting ended by November 15th and we picked the finalists from different categories based on the votes received.

We believe that DB Super Brands would act as a catalyst to bring about a social change and one of the core areas of the activity would encourage the production of environment-friendly, sustainable products in the coming days. 

Customer Satisfaction, Brand awareness, Corporate Social Responsibility, Eco-friendly approach, etc., were the key factors considered by the Jury before deciding on the Parameters of Selection of the existing list of brands in each category.

Customer Satisfaction

It is measured by how a company meets the needs or even exceeds the expectations of its users to the goods and services provided by them. Factors must meet the terms of quality and service provided about the price paid.

Brand Awareness

It is the ability of consumers to recognize a brand image and associate it with a company’s product or service. It depends on how they keep up the name and quality while spreading the brand image through newspapers, magazines, social media, and events. While launching a new product or service it depends on the consumer consciousness, the extent of recognizing a company and distinguishing it from its competitors.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is a safe administration of a business framework that enables a company to be socially accountable to itself, the stakeholders and the general public.

A company can be conscious about the impact they create on economic, social and environmental factors. They should utilize in ways that empower the society and environment positively.

Eco-friendly Approach

Being environment-friendly the products and services of a company should ideally be sustainable in a way that helps protect the environment, contributes to green and healthy living conditions and conserve resources.


It is a subjective attribute through which consumers focus at a specific measure of reliability, maintenance and sustainability of a certain product from a company. It depends on the features that meet the consumer needs and satisfaction by the improvement in products and making it free from defects.

The promoter of DB Super Brands

Designer Publications group, a premier establishment with over two decades in the publishing business within the Design and Build industry is the promoter of the experience called DB Super Brands and assisted by a Consortium of companies in various fields.