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Designer Publications Kerala Pvt Ltd, since its inception in 2003, promotes good architecture and design practices throughout the country. It is a committed forum that inspires designers, architects and strategic partners to nurture our heritage and culture towards a sustainable India. The company formed by a group of like-minded architects, engineers and journalists aims at taking design and architecture to the masses through publications, events, academic engagements and much more. It is now a reputed publishing house which successfully runs four leading architecture magazines – Designer + Builder (Malayalam), Veedum Planum (Malayalam), Design Detail (English) and Building Services Journal (English). The highly reputed Designer Institute of Interior Design (DiiD), an accredited interior design training institute, is also under the publishing house.

I. Publications:

The Publication division today has the following verticals:

Designer+Builder is the first architecture magazine in Malayalam language. This monthly magazine, for the past 15 years has emerged as a pioneer in B2C architecture publication. With a circulation count of over 92,000 per month, the magazine has avid readership among architects, interior designers, affiliated professionals, and a large body of lay enthusiasts in Kerala, major Indian cities, the UAE, and the US. Architect L. Gopakumar, Managing Director, Designer Publications, is also the Chief Editor of this magazine.

Design Detail is a national monthly B2B architecture and design magazine in English language targeted at architecture, interior design, structural engineering and construction professionals, practitioners and students. We are perhaps the only monthly architecture and design magazine that is edited and led by architects. Our team led by Chief Editor Ar. Karan Grover consists of design journalists, architect-writers and other domain experts. We have a healthy circulation count of over 35,000 per issue pan-India with a special focus on South and West regions.

Veedum Planum is a bimonthly Malayalam language B2C magazine, with a readership of over 25,000 that focuses entirely on residences and is edited by Designer Publications CEO Dr. Rema S. Kartha. It is very specifically focused on the Kerala market, and addresses the needs of readers who are planning new homes.

Building Services Journal is a quarterly magazine which caters to all building services related to Electrical, Plumbing & Sanitation, Air conditioning, Acoustics, Vertical Transportation, Fire & Safety, HVAC, Lighting Design and Facilities Planning. Renowned Ar. N. Mahesh is the Managing Editor of the magazine.

Saakruti is Kannada’s first architecture magazine launched in August 2016. Edited by Prof. Dr. Rama Subrahmanian, this B2C magazine offers a platform for the lay Kannada reading public to engage with design and architecture ideas.

Indian Plumbing Today is the official monthly journal of the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA). This B2B magazine, with an All India subscriber base of over 2500 reaches plumbing and structural engineers, architects, product partners, and allied businesses and Designer Publications Kerala (Pvt) Ltd were the publishers of it from 2016 to 2018.

Books on Architecture and Allied Fields – Keralathile 111 Architectukal, Sundarabhavanangal (Coffee Table Book), Indian Plumbing Association Directory, Pathfinder, Kitchen Designs, Furniture Designs to name a few.

Our Events, Relationships and Other Platforms:

1. Media Partnerships: We have successfully associated/will be associating with the following International and National Events as Knowledge, Media and Magazine.

Partners: • FOAID (Festival of Architecture and Interior Design) events since 2016 • SAID expo’s Design Perspectives in different cities since 2016 • IIA NATCON 2015, Kolkata • The 361 Degree Conference organized by IA& B since 2013 • The Z-Axis Conference organized by Charles Correa Foundation • ET SmartGreen Awards 2015 • Roof India Exhibitions since 2016 • India Wood Exhibitions since 2016 • Economic Times ET Edge Architecture & Design Summit 2015 • Holy Crescent College of Architecture symposium, ‘ADDA’ 2015, Kochi • World Interior Meet, Guangzhou, December 2014 • Estrade Real Estate Awards 2015, Singapore • IIA Kerala Chapter Award Night hosted by Kottayam • ACETECH Build expo 2016 • DC School of Architecture & Design Symposium 2017 • Delhiwood 2017 • Many Seminars and Symposiums organized by various IIA centres since 2003 • NASA 2018 at DC College of Architecture, Wagamon • Engage – July 2018 (Ludhiana) • Enigma ’18, Zonal NASA Convention at Eranad Knowledge City College of Architecture • Vistaara 2018 at MES School of Architecture • Sqrfactor – October 2018 – Online medium Event • Design Perspective 2018 (In all major cities) • Design Next – September 2018 (New Delhi) • AMAZE – October 2018 (Mumbai) • Architecture World Expo organized by IIA Kottayam Centre, November 2018 • RENSFED exhibition at Malappuram, November 2018 • CREDAI Property plus Expo organized by Credai Kochi, December

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